Testimonial Hudson Hills Academy School Montesorri Newburgh New York
Review Hudson Hills Academy Montessori Newburgh New York

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What Parents Are Saying


“My favorite thing about Hudson  Hills Academy is that my children aren't just being taught facts and figures. They are being taught how to be a life-long learner with values and a tie to the community.”


“I am a parent of a now 4th grader  at Hudson  Hills Academy. This is our child's 3rd year at our school and "our" is exactly how we feel.  The level of education and how it is taught is outstanding, excellent student to teacher ratio, the amazing caliber of the type of children that
attend and the teacher are just so smart, genuine caring and involved. Our child loves school and feels very safe and at home at HHA.  We are thrilled! Lower elementary pleased us no end and now the 4th grade  is proving to be equal as well.”


“Choosing the right school for our child was one of the most difficult things we did.  We are so happy we choose  Hudson Hills Academy when they opened.  The curriculum, amazing teachers and skilled staff has created a wonderful environment for the students. We are so proud of our respectful and bright 7th grader.”


“Hudson  Hills Academy has given my children a gift… a love of learning. It is a gift that will steer them through their lives and provide them with tools to problem solve, to create a masterpiece, and, most importantly,  to be a valuable contributor to our society.”

“My kids are in the 2nd and 6th grades after transferring in from public schools two years ago, and they are having a great experience.  The teachers at Hudson  Hills are wonderful at meeting students where they are academically and socially, and they create a warm, caring community where the students really enjoy learning and playing together.”

"Hudson Hills Middle School gave my children two gifts; A  strong foundation of knowledge  and a genuine love of learning.   Both my children attended Hudson Hill’s Middle School and are now finishing High School .  They excel in every subject area and are at the top of their class .  Have I ever had to ask them to do their homework while in high school?  No.  They are self-directed and independent.  Thank you Hudson Hills!   "

What Our Kids Are Saying